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Madagascar has natural and cultural riches that make the island a unique destination in the world. Not only is it known worldwide for its ecotourism capital characterized by the diversity of its fauna, its flora and its ecosystems; but also comes into play the seaside area, with its fine sandy beaches, its reefs and its lagoons.
Having traveled for a long time across the island, we discovered an inescapable passion for travel; while crossing the landscape offered by the red island, we were fascinated by the unique and diversified show that Madagascar offers us in each of its regions. That's when we had the idea to create Vivy Travel, named from a species of duck "Tsiriry" in Malagasy (The white faced whisting Duck), a new enterprise in the colors of the biodiversity of Madagascar, and also our contribution in the protection of the environment. Without forgetting the community development which is one of our main objectives.
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